Frontend Development

Design, build and maintain websites using the appropriate coding and scripting languages. Write, design or edit web page content, perform website updates as needed and write code for web applications.

Software Development

Develop information systems by designing, developing, and installing software solutions using various technologies like .net, javascript ,...etc. Having good problem solving,investigation problem areas skills

Database Development

Design, develop, test, implement and maintain new and existing databases.Create management methods and systems to access efficiently information stored in databases.

AppDynamics Administration

Implementing application monitoring using AppDynamics to meet client requirements.Mentor and Transfer Knowledge to clients and Junior Team members.Configure the End User Monitoring for the Applications using AppDynamics.


Amr Gamal

Motivated Software Engineer with +7 years of experience in Software Development.Focused and details-oriented offering exceptional troubleshooting skills and talent for developing innovative solutions to unusual and difficult problems.

Experienced in Front-End Development , object oriented programming , developing , testing and debugging code. Quickly able to learn and master new technologies with proven success working in both a team and self-directed setting.

My skills

I'm interested in IT and everything in its orbit.I gained a lot of experience of working in multiple areas.

This helped me to have a lot of skills in various areas like backend development in .Net , mobile development , database development , Design & build software solutions.

I recently fascinated by frontend development specially ReactJS.I already gained experience of working in this area , but I'm keen to gain more and more experience in this field.



My Education

Bachelor Degree of Computer Science - Ain Shams University Cairo - 2012

Graduated from faculty of computer science - Computer Science Section, Ain Sahms university in Cairo in 2012 with Very Good (75%) Total Grade.

Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree scholarship - UDACITY - 2018

I've finished the frontend development scholarship that was offered by Google through Udacity in 2018.

Work Experience

Sr. Software Engineer - itlogiaKuwait - Nov-17 to present

  • Develop Software Projects for ITLOGIA Clients
  • Manage AppDynamics on either SaaS or On-Premises environments.
  • Deploy & Configure AppDynamics across enterprise-wide applications , Customize for strategic Monitoring.
  • Recognize , Analyze and remediate performance issues as well as install , configure , instrument AppDynamics agents.

Software Engineer - Vodafone Egypt - Sep-15 to Oct-17

Responsible for providing software solutions, providing reports and data analysis for service management department on SAP Business object.

Main Responsibilities & projects:
  • Incidents Monitor: a web portal to monitor the live incidents that reported currently on the network, View Statistics about these incidents using & .Net Technologies.
  • Topology Drawer: Web based tool that used to draw the topology of all network sites which used in investigation when NW issues happens; it reduces time of investigation from days to minutes. Ex: if 1000 sites are down get the chain of each one and know which sites are affected and which are not with some statistics.
  • Developing Incident Management reports on SAP business object that used daily/Monthly in Analysis and handling incidents.
  • Developing tools that used in automating service management processes.

Software Engineer - Alfa Electronics Egypt - Aug-14 to Aug-15

Responsible for providing software development solution and maintenance for web, desktop, services applications. Used Technologies : C# , JAVA , PHP , LinQ ,SQL ,JavaScript,CSS,HTML.

Main Responsibilities & projects:
  • Alfa Queuing System which is used in service centers like banks, hospitals, etc. that handles users in the queue & windows serving them.
  • Developing Windows services that responsible for integration between hardware components of queuing systems and queuing systems that used in service centers.
  • Alfa Monitoring System: web Site that monitors the current status (customers served, waiting customers, waiting time...) of branches that covered by Alfa queuing system.

Software Engineer - Bi-Technologies Egypt - Sep-12 to Jul-14

Developing BI Sales Buzz Program (using C++ & MFC):
  • mobile sales force automation system; that tracks sales team Via PDAs , it allows customer to be able to know the whereabouts of sales team, control their visits, Print invoices automatically in the market and receive them on the spot at head office via GPRS technology , thus saving time and cost.
Developing Oracle Integration Service (C#):
  • Developing oracle integration service which integrates between BI Sales Buzz and Oracle ERP system.
Developing new version of BI Sales Buzz (Android):
  • Developing the new version of BI Sales Buzz with mono for android which allows developing android applications using C# code.
  • Modify old Sales Buzz design & code & User interface to be adapted to android.
Customer Side Technical Support:
  • Troubleshooting customer’s problems in Sales Buzz Application and integration with oracle ERP.
  • Customers like: Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Fine, Speed, Arma, Savola.
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Below are some of my latest projects.

Roar Social Network

social network like twitter where users can post their posts ,like, comment on other's roars (posts) .

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City Explorer

WebApp allows user to search for any venue (Restaurants , Gyms , Museums , etc...)in the selected region in a specific country.

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Code Blog

Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

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offline personal to do list application.allows users to create their todo list without internet connection

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Todoist Clone

Clone of Todist (task organization app) using ReactJS custom hooks & context , Firebase & React Testing Library.

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Top Movies

view movies of the selected year & some detailed info about it. Movies can be filtered with genres & years.

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Memory Game

Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

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Tinder UI Clone

React js clone of tinder application user interface , just an interface not fully working application .

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Arcade Game

Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

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